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The Duke Undergraduate Energy Club aims to explore the real-world energy sector, engage with the greater energy community, and help solve the critical energy challenges of today. Each semester, we collaborate with companies and organizations in the energy and sustainability fields to offer pro-bono consulting projects for students. Through these projects, we connect students with industry professionals, helping students build real-world skills while also delivering results for our partners. 

Slides and recording of our Sep 6 info session are also available.

This fall, Duke Energy Club is excited to announce the launch of seven student-led projects, including partnerships with Third Derivative, Duquesne Light Company, Renewell Energy, LandUp, and Enerpoly. Project focuses are diverse in both subject matter and industry, from constructing market landscape analysis for climate tech accelerator, to examining redevelopment plans for a large utilities company’s coal ash sites, to conducting policy research on the Inflation Reduction Plan for an innovative energy storage startup, and many others. 


Being part of an Energy Club project is an amazing opportunity to make a real-world impact, gain invaluable knowledge & perspectives, and have the experience of working with energy industry leaders & other highly enthusiastic peers. We encourage everyone to apply, regardless of experience. 


For prospective project managers, applications are due Friday 9/9 at 11:59 PM; for prospective project members, applications are due Friday 9/16 at 11:59 PM. To learn more about Duke Energy Club and Fall projects, please come to the info session on Tuesday 9/6 from 7:00 - 8:00 pm at Classroom Building R240. 

Meanwhile, we also encourage interested students to apply to be a general member of the Duke Energy Club (Separate independent process from project application). As a club member, students share the platform to partcipate in various enriching events engaging with the energy and sustainaibility fields. Apply to be an Energy Club member here.

Please reach out to co-Directors of Projects, Chang Yan (chang.yan@duke.edu) and Ben Eisinger (benjamin.eisinger@duke.edu) if you have any further questions regarding projects.

See more detailed information on Fall 2022 projects below. 


Third Derivative


A collaboration between RMI and New Energy Nexus, Third Derivative (D3) is a vertically integrated engine built to accelerate the rate of climate innovation globally. It uniquely combines a next-generation accelerator, a committed venture capital department, a curated ecosystem of global corporations, and unparalleled market, regulatory, and policy insights. We are hosting two projects with Third Derivative this semester. 

Analysis of Web3 Applications for Climate Solutions

In this project, a team of students will have the opportunity to research Web3 applications for climate solutions. The team will review the market landscape, major technology developments, relevant business models, and most promising areas of innovation. Student work will include conducting desktop research into the space (reading articles, reports, etc.), interviewing stakeholders (startups, investors, etc.), and building techno-economic or financial models that describe the unit economics of the innovation.


Startup Programming and Curriculum Development

In this project, a team of students will gain firsthand experience working on the bread & butter of a climate tech accelerator: programming & expertise. Students will have the opportunity to develop lessons and content to support early-stage startups in the form of blogs, masterclasses/recorded videos, or virtual events. Subject matter may include information on fundraising, pitches, team building, or anything else relevant to the growth of a startup. Research into startup needs will be conducted through a combination of desktop research, stakeholder interviews, and analysis of preexisting data to construct an effective curriculum.

Renewell Energy


Renewell Energy is a startup working to create a cost-efficient, environmentally sustainable, and flexible energy storage network by repurposing idle oil & gas wells. The CTO at Renewell, Stefan Streckfus, is a Duke alumni who graduated in 2012! We are hosting two projects with Renewell this semester. 

Energy Storage Market Research
The energy storage market research project team will help Renewell build a total market projection of energy storage revenue available to it by analyzing the energy storage markets, regulations, and players in the marketplace. Students will identify and quantify revenue streams available in different states with significant oil and gas well populations.

Policy Impact Analysis for Idle State O&G Wells 
The policy research project team will help shape Renewell’s future development through researching relevant policy on both the federal and state levels. For the former, students will conduct an in-depth analysis of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and assess its potential impact on Renewell; on the state level, students will research current idle oil & gas well management regulations in different states, assisting Renewell’s business development and strategy efforts.


Duquesne Light Company

Duquesne Light Company (DLC) is a next-generation leader in the transmission and distribution of electricity in southwestern Pennsylvania. For more than 140 years, DLC has valued its role as a trusted energy partner in providing safe, reliable, resilient and affordable power. Today, the utility serves more than 600,000 customers, including the city of Pittsburgh.

Legacy Site Redevelopment Evaluation
The project team will help Duquesne Light Company (DLC) research new and creative uses of legacy parcels including an old coal mine and/or several ash disposal sites. Students will conduct interviews with appropriate DLC employees, reach out to external stakeholders, conduct research on different options, and synthesize their findings into actionable recommendations.



LandUp is a marketplace for land restoration and carbon removal. LandUp helps project developers grow their business and landowners to derive new sources of value from their property. The team is led by a Duke alumnus and has backing from Duke's endowment.


Sustainable Land Use Assessment

LandUp has primarily been focused on assessing land for nature-based carbon removal (i.e., afforestation and reforestation) project potential but is expanding into other land uses (e.g., solar, direct air capture, methane emission reduction, etc). The project team will conduct an in-depth market research report on one of the tangential verticals by investigating the industry value chain, building a competitive landscape analysis, and evaluating LandUp’s market entry plan. Project work will also include in-depth research on the Inflation Reduction Act and its associated opportunities for LandUp.



Enerpoly is an energy storage startup from Stockholm, Sweden. They develop and manufacture zinc-ion batteries to deliver breakthrough affordability in stationary energy storage. The patented technology, using globally abundant materials, is a safe, clean, and scalable battery solution. Duke alumna, Sahitya Yarlagadda, will be our contact for this project!

U.S. Energy Storage Market Entry Analysis

The team will assist Enerpoly with exploring its U.S. market entry strategies. Student work will include investigating the market landscape of U.S. energy storage integrators, identifying market trends & core customer needs, determining ideal buyer profiles, and developing a B2B marketing strategy.

Who we have worked with


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Infrastructure Fund

Development Analysis

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2022 Spring


Sublime Systems

Market Research

2021 Fall 

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Varea Energy

Market Research

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2022 Spring


Aspire Power Solutions

Energy Modeling

2021 Spring

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Terrafuse AI 

Policy Research

& Market Research

2022 Spring


Nth Cycle

Supply Chain Analysis

& Pricing Research

2020 Fall

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Fervo Energy

Market Entry Analysis

& Policy Advocacy 

2021 Fall 

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Stealth Mode

Solar Startup

Market Research

2020 Fall 

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